Monday, July 25, 2016

NXP honcho Sanjay Gupta bets big on DRM technology

Why self-driving cars no longer a fantasy; NXP honcho Sanjay Gupta explains


What are the broad focus of activities for NXP Semiconductors in India?

India is definitely a growing market and we have a strong presence here. We have a clear focus of being leaders in security, connectivity and processing. Very recently, we achieved live reception of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) services for vehicles in India. Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is a service which helps to boost AM audio quality so as to provide individuals with enhanced radio quality. We designed a chipset module that is capable of handling three digital standard signals on a single platform. DRM module so developed will not only help to improve radio quality over AM channels but also provide users with utilities like updates pertaining to real time traffic scenarios, news and natural disaster warnings. In terms of business, India is a significant centre.

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