Sunday, June 05, 2016

DX Engineering acquires Clifton Laboratories

For decades, Clifton Laboratories has been at the leading edge of Ham Radio technology, making preamplifiers and filters with unparalleled performance characteristics. Now, that tradition of quality will continue under the DX Engineering brand. DX Engineering recently acquired exclusive rights to Clifton Laboratories' Amateur Radio gear.

Each item's part number, design specs, and impeccable quality remains the same—it will just be built by DX Engineering and carry the DX Engineering name. There are over a dozen Clifton Laboratories Amateur Radio products that will be manufactured, including several popular filters and preamplifiers. DX Engineering is also committed to offering parts and tech support for owners of Clifton Laboratories' legacy products.

Fans of Elecraft's K-series transceivers are very familiar with the Clifton name. The company has a series of filters, preamplifiers, adapters and other enhancement products tailored precisely to these well-liked HF radios. DX Engineering will ensure that this Elecraft-specific gear will be refined and supported.

Also included in the transition is Clifton Laboratories' extensive range or RF filters, like its Z10020 medium wave band reject filter. Designed for Amateur Radio operators battling interference from strong or nearby AM broadcast band commercial radio signals, the Z10020 can deliver up to 80 dB of signal rejection.

DX Engineering is tooling up to begin production of Clifton Laboratories products, expect to see the full line available by mid-summer 2016.

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