Tuesday, April 28, 2015

KTWR Guam starts emergency broadcast for Nepal Earthquake

KTWR Guam has started one hour emergency shortwave broadcast wef 27th April 2015 :

1400-1500 UTC (1945-2045 Nepal Time) on 15280 kHz in English/Nepali/Hindi/Bhojpuri

The Trans World Radio (TWR) Nepal team visited the affected areas to better understand the situation, and will continue to visit other affected areas over the next several days. To address the long-term spiritual and emotional needs, TWR will produce a 15-minute program in Nepali to be broadcast once a day, seven days a week over 15 FM stations in the affected districts.
TWR will also produce a one-hour program with four 15-minute segments in Nepali, Hindi, Bhojpuri, and English. The programs will be broadcast once a day, seven days a week, over shortwave from Guam to reach those closer to Mount Everest, where they may not be able to receive FM broadcasts.
TWR would like to distribute at least 5,000 radios in the region to replace those that may have been damaged or lost in the quake.

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