Wednesday, November 19, 2014

AU2JCB Special Event Call-sign

To commemorate the birth-anniversary of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose on 30th Nov, 2014 Indian Hams are going to operate with special call-signs.

Special event Call-sign --- AU2JCB (operated by VU2DSI)

Period of Operation -- 21st Nov to 9th Dec 2014

Frequencies in USB -- 28545 or 28510 kHz
21350 or 21235 or 21310 kHz
14220 or 14310 or 14250 kHz
7040 or 7150 kHz 3650 kHz

In FM Mode --- 50800 kHz, 51500 kHz, 29700 kHz


VU hams please just send qsl for AU2JCB qsl.
DX hams are requested (if possible) to send 2 IRC's or return postage as many many are sending their qsl's for AU2JCB qsl.
More information on AU2JCB QRZ page.
VU2EXP Rajesh and VU2JAU Jayuji will operate with AT1JCB and AU3JCB respectively.

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