Friday, March 28, 2014

BBC World Service changes satellite frequency in south and south east Asia

The World Service is currently changing the frequency of its satellite distribution to south and south east Asia on the Apstar 7 satellite. The new frequency is 4,088.9Mhz. World Service partners across Asia will notice their receivers being re-tuned over the next couple of weeks. Our audience should not notice any significant break in service. The process is planned to be completed by mid April 2014.

This change is necessary to avoid interference from a new satellite that is shortly entering service in an adjacent orbital position. Nigel Fry, Head of Distribution for BBC Global News, said: "The situation reflects the high demand for spectrum to support satellite operations. It comes at a time when the international regulatory bodies are under pressure to release the same spectrum for future mobile communications applications. We are actively supporting work by the satellite industry and others to protect the use of this part of the spectrum which is of vital importance to the international media industry."

(BBC Press Office)

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