Sunday, January 19, 2014

All India Radio Bengaluru testing its new transmitter in DRM mode

All India Radio Bangaluru was observed testing its new 500 kW Riz transmitter in DRM mode (170 kW in DRM mode) by Jose Jacob. 

Following new DRM transmissions were monitored from AIR Bengaluru wef 19th Jan 2014 :
1000-1100 UTC on 17895 kHz English to Australia/NZ
1145-1315 UTC on 15795 kHz Chinese to China
2045-2230 UTC on 11620 kHz English to Australia/NZ
2245-0045 UTC on 13605 kHz English to NE Asia

Look out for more DRM broadcasts from this station at other timings in External Services of AIR.
Reports to: with copy to

Here's a screenshot of reception at New Delhi using Newstar DR111 DRM receiver on 17895 kHz at around 1030 UTC, three audio channels + Journaline

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  2. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Do we know when DRM Receiver will be available in India for customers. I could not find much information on the web.

    1. Expected by end of March'2015.......