Sunday, July 08, 2012

Down Goes The Final Frontier Post

The last decade has seen the rapid decline of the British Broadcasting Corporation, says Vijay Rana, BBC’s first Hindi Radio Editor

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Comment from veteran shortwave listener Rajesh Chandwani ...


It is sad to know so many harsh truths of Bush House and the age-old discrimination policy. It is iminent from the above article by Mr. Vijay Rana, how the caretakers themselves systematically killed the very existence of Radio power known to the world and several generations as BBC. Even an illeterate villager here in India knew the authority and genuineness of BBC, who always enjoyed listening to it with pride. Suddenly, the massive - that is - BBC massive - starts diminishing in front of your eyes, thus spreading sadness and despair among Indian masses. It is true internet could be responsible, but, internet is suddenly becoming boring and it will very soon end up just like any Encylopedia. Only emails would be exchanged, some would watch news, but not in rural area. (TV has already taken over that). I remember the day I met Vijay Rana at one of the BBC Open House session at British Council Division, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi. When Rana approached towards me to shake hands, I thought we have met earlier, somewhere else. But, it was my first eyeball with him. In fact, it was his voice, which I knew through BBC programmes. Such was the impact on listeners' during those days. We Shortwave Listeners still hope that golden days of radio will revive.


Rajesh Chandwani

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