Monday, February 27, 2012

RIP Stanley Leinwoll

Dan Elyea of WYFR informs us that renowned shortwave engineer and frequency planner Stanley Leinwoll passed away on February 21, 2012. During his long career in international broadcasting, Stanley worked as frequency manager for the Voice of America, director of engineering for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and as an independent shortwave frequency consultant based in New York. He did frequency planning for at least two members of the NASB - WEWN and WYFR. He wrote a well-known book titled "From Spark to Satellite: A History of Radio Communication." Stanley was a strong supporter of the idea of holding an HFCC (High Frequency Coordination Conference) in the United States -- a goal that was finally realized by the NASB in 2011.

(Source : National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters Facebook Page)

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