Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Log Radio Afghanistan 6100 1st Aug 2011

AFGHANISTAN 6100 Radio Afghanistan 1525 - 1628, Aug 1, 2011 Abruptly on air at 1625 UTC, Talk/Telephonic Interviews by OM/YL in unid lang (probably Dari or Pashto), at 1530 ST, ID in english by OM/YL, frequencies announced as FM 93.0 & SW 6100, followed by english news, song & a talk on Ramadan by OM at 1548 UTC, closing annacts at 1556 followed by another vernacular song. Urdu service noted at 1602 UTC, ID, frequencies announced as FM 93.0, MW 1600 (?) & SW 49 mb, news by OM upto 1611 UTC followed by songs & commentary on current events. Urdu song at 1621 UTC, closing anncts at 1627, abruptly off air at 1628 UTC. Good, clean signal on my portable Redsun RP2100 (aka Kaito KA2100) + Telescopic Antenna.

English ID at 1530 UTC : http://tinyurl.com/3z7jsbf

Urdu ID at 1602 UTC : http://tinyurl.com/3cfk6zr

RTA website (in Pashto, eng link not working) has a picture of towers, anyone fluent with Pashto can throw some light on it ?


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