Monday, August 01, 2011

Afghanistan back on shortwave, thanks to BECIL

Thanks to Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd (a Govt. of India enterprise), RTA (Radio Television Afghanistan) was noted back on shortwave by Mikhail Timofeyev.

quoting from his log via HCDX list ...

6100 1527-1607 AFG R.Afghanistan, Kabul, 31/07, local OM singing, then English with news at 1530, Afgnan traditional song, OM talk about Ramadan, and one western pop song (tentaive ID at 1555'58 as "The International service of National Radio of Afghanistan"), 1600'24 music and Urdu service - poor at the beginning, then fair and almost good after 1600 with local noise, KRE in the background and CRI on 6095 till 1557 - 73! Mikhail Timofeyev, Saint-Petersburg, Russia .....unquote

An old Indo-Asian News service report quotes Abdul Rehman Panjshiri, director of international relations at the Afghan Radio and TV, as saying that "The 100kW shortwave transmitter with seven antennas being installed by India at Yakatoot in Kabul. It will enable Kabul Radio programmes to be heard in South East Asia, South Asia, Africa and Europe."

Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd (a Govt. of India enterprise) has been involved with many projects in Afghanistan, here's full list of projects :

A Bakhtar News report says Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture inaugurated the foreign section of Radio Afghanistan yesterday. This section in the first place will air program in English and Urdu languages each night from 8:00 to 9:00 pm. Opening the section Dr. Raheen said that this section has been revived with the efforts of the director general and employees of the radio and in the first place it will air English and Urdu programs and followed by Arabic and Russian programs and subsequently French and German programs. According to Dr. Raheen revival of this program shall assist in recognition of Afghanistan to its outside friends and will inform them about our country's events. Abdul Ghani Mudaqaq head of the publications department of Radio Afghanistan said that this program shall cover Asia,Africa and Europe regions. According to officials of the radio ten years delay in the radio programs was inactivity of the short wave in Yakatout.
Full story & pictures at :

Check out for RTA on 6100 kHz, tentaive schedule 1530-1630 UTC in English & Urdu

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