Friday, July 15, 2011

New E-mail list/id for Cumbre DX/DXing with Cumbre

"Cumbre DX" and "DXing with Cumbre" have lost a very good friend. Bob Arnold, N2JEU, who ran Cumbre DX's web and e-mail servers, and who also put the programs on iTunes for us, is a Silent Key at the age of only 58. We at Cumbre are heartbroken at this news, and send our sympathy to Bob's family and friends. "DXing with Cumbre" will continue on the air and WHR streaming audio, but the website, e-mail list and iTunes are gone for now. For those who can get to his funeral on Friday in Canastota, near Syracuse NY, details are available at the obituary link.
Please feel free to share the news, since the Cumbre DX list is gone with Bob's death. We thank Bob for all he did for us, and we know he'll be very much missed in the radio community.

New Cumbre DX list is now at:

Group Email Addresses :

To Post message:
To Subscribe:

73 and thanks,
Cumbre DX/Dxing with Cumbre Team

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