Monday, June 27, 2011

Special RNW Dutch broadcast on 1296 kHz 06-12 UT, on shortwave at 08-15 UT.

FRANCE/GERMANY/U.K. Dutch parliament live transmission coverage on RNW program in Dutch this morning:

1296 kHz via Orfordness mediumwave, logged on SDR console remote radio network onn RFSpace IQ units, powerful S=9+32 dB signal in the Netherlands.

Otherwise in all Europe noted shortwave logs, but not on Perseus Server Network in Italy this morning. Up- and Download net is so slowly this morning, and even before 0800 UT disconnected at all.

5955 NAU S=9+36dB
6035 ISS S=9+20dB
6120 WER S=9+14dB
9895 NAU S=9+23dB

73 wolfgang

(Wolfgang Bueschel Bueschel via hcdx list)

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