Sunday, May 08, 2011

URUGUAY: Radio Universo reactivated on SW

URUGUAY - 6055 CWA 148 Radio Universo Internacional, Castillos, Rocha Department, REACTIVATED!!!!, 1515-1530 UTC, May 7, Spanish, reported with the programme "Centro Informativo Universo", greetings: ".....saludos para La Toscana" & "....mandamos nuestro saludo para nuestros amigos de La Cantera.......", local advs. 34333.- Nothing about this SW transmission on web page

Reported by Enrique Alejandro Wembagher y Arnaldo Leonel Slaen in DX Camp Atalaya, 110 kms. to South-East from Buenos Aires City, near Rio de la Plata coast.

(Arnaldo Slaen,Arentina)

Many thanks , Arnaldo. Now they have their frequency also on their website:
Even with a map telling that their signal reaches Europa.
We'll see,
(Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands)

Surely it`s low power, 300 watts per WRTH! And if really on air all-night, contrary to usual Uruguayan SW practice, will be blocked by Spain 23-06, and then Japan until well after sunrise. The coverage map looks slightly optimistic. Not to mention adjacents from Cuba, etc. And is Bolivia active on 6054? (Glenn Hauser)

Via HCDX & DXLD Lists

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