Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fantastic opening of new FM DX Season !

After a fortnight of monitoring FM band mostly during 0200-0400z here are the first Es logs of this season, surprisingly my logbook shows during last summer first Es log was on 19th May 2010, stations logged were Friends FM, Kolkata & Radio Oman .

18 May 2011 (Wed)

0317z 91.9 Friends FM, Kolkata Bengali Ad's/songs 1305 kms 119deg
0432z 87.5 Punjabi Songs (Spurious)
0436z 88.9 Padamya FM,Myanmar Burmese Talk by YL 2028 kms 107deg
0442z 89.0 Unid Playing english songs
0445z 90.1 Unid Arabic Talk
1634z 88.1 Radio Oman Arabic Talk 1938 kms 252deg
1631z 87.9 Radio Tashkent,Ujbekistan Ujbek 1588 kms 335deg

(Sony XDR-F1HD + Triax 5 Ele Yagi)

What is Sporadic E (Es)

Estimated Distance Boundaries for Sporadic E Propagation Modes

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