Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New DRM compatible SW txer under installation at VL8T,ABC Tennant Creek

Ian Baxter of Shortwavesites Yahoo Group noticed that SW frequency transmissions from the VL8T Tennant Creek (Australia) SW transmitter site have been off for some time. However they are returning.

The ABC advised to Ian Baxter that :

The short wave service from Tennant Creek is currently off due to some major works (they're replacing the transmitter). The works are scheduled to finish on the 7th May 2011.

The works may finish sooner or may go on a little longer, but at the moment all indications are that the service should be restored then.

End Quote

During June 2010 Continental Electronics announced that Broadcast Australia has bought new DRM- ready short wave Continental Model 418G-DRM transmitters for their upgradation.Broadcast Australia had asked Continental Electronics to supply two new DRM-ready 100 kilowatttransmitters for two of its short-wave stations at Tenant Creek & Shepparton.
The purchase represented the first step in Broadcast Australia's plan to enhance its digital short-wave (HF) broadcast capabilities throughout its network of
transmitters. These transmitters will enable Broadcast Australia to transmit programming in analogue AM and digital (DRM) modes from both stations.

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