Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IOTA SWL Contest

Hello friends,

Just few notes about the IOTA SWL Contest to be held the next weekend. This Contest is a worldwide event managed by RSGB from several years and the SWL Section has been picked up by the MDXC/SWL from 2006. A lot of stations will be active from several IOTAs and you can find their great number by checking the updated list of Announced Operations by NG3K at

Not only a Contest but a good opportunity to collect new IOTAs and to try to enter in the IOTA SWL Annual Listing. The standard rules ask to submit at least 100 QSLs from different IOTAs to enter in this Listing, but there are good news. Now the SWLs participating in the Contest can submit, instead of the QSLs, the list of Contest QSO/HRDs. There are some limits (e.g. max 50 QSO/HRDs) and a not difficult procedure must be followed but this way it will be more easy to enter in the SWL Listing, the most important official Listing for SWLs, being the DXCC not available to SWLs.

You can find the above procedure, the previous results, a FAQ and the complete rules at

Good Contest!
Dan, I1-12387


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