Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thomson in Indian DRM Trial

Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia supplied the transmission
technology for a recent Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
demonstration in Delhi, India.The full-bandwidth 18 kHz
DRM medium-wave trial took place as part of a DRM simulcast
technology showcase sponsored by public-service broadcaster
All India Radio, the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and the
DRM consortium."This is quite a significant event," said
Sharad Sadhu, head of transmission technology and spectrum
at the ABU. "Radio broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific uniquely
use 18 kHz-wide channels in the medium wave, and using DRM
in the full channel will enable them to provide a very high
quality stereo service to listeners."
The trials demonstrated DRM digital radio transmissions in
the medium wave band using Single Channel Simulcast (SCS)
and Multi-Channel Simulcast (MCS)technologies. It also
demonstrated local DRM radio transmissions in the 26 MHz
band, Near Vertical Incidence transmissions and DRM
shortwave radio transmissions.
For the trials, Thomson provided a DRM-ready 100 kW TMW
2100D medium-wave transmitter and a digital front-end
including the Thomson Stratus DRM modulator and the
Cirrus DRM multiplexer. Thomson is a founding member of
the DRM consortium.

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