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DRM Digital Radio “Saves Lives and Keeps Radio in Business” – the Complete DRM Offer at the BES Expo, India

DRM Digital Radio "Saves Lives and Keeps Radio in Business" – the Complete DRM Offer at the BES Event in India, 16-18 February

The Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) Consortium and a number of its members will take part with better and more attractive exhibits, demonstrations and presentations than ever – in the International show of the Broadcast Engineering Society (BES – Exhibition and Conference on 'Broadcast & Media Technology' being held at Pragati
Maidan, New Delhi 110002, India on 16-18 February 2023.

At the BES Conference and Exhibition, the DRM Consortium ( will highlight its recent achievements under the overarching theme "DRM Saves Lives and Keeps Radio in Business". 

The DRM Consortium and some of its key members and partners, including Indian companies like Inntot Technologies, Mobis-Hyundai and OptM, and international ones like Ampegon, CML Microcircuits/Cambridge Consultants, Fraunhofer IIS, Gospell Digital Technologies, RFmondial and Starwaves, will welcome all visitors at Hall 7 – Booths 26 and 28 and in the conference hall.

The DRM Consortium will demonstrate the great audio and data transmission qualities of the DRM standard in both AM and FM bands. The exceptional energy and spectrum savings obtained by using one transmitter and one antenna to deliver up to 18 audio programmes plus up to 6 dedicated Journaline text services on DRM in FM band will be
demonstrated with the help of RFmondial and Fraunhofer IIS on mobile devices, standalone and car receivers. Thus, visitors will be able to directly experience the multi-channel capability of DRM in FM band without it affecting existing analogue FM signals. And some of its key benefits such as the delivery of emergency warnings (DRM EWF – Emergency Warning Functionality, an integral part of the DRM standard) with audio and Journaline text in the desired languages and also available to the visually or hearing impaired. This functionality can be also used to deliver via DRM distance education without any Internet connection.

The DRM Public Signage feature, so useful in day-to-day activities and emergency situations, will also be presented at the DRM booths.

Naturally, receivers will take a prime position at BES. CML Microcircuits will introduce their new energy-efficient and very affordable DRM receiver module that would give a new impetus to the digital DRM receiver industry in India and elsewhere. More details on this will be provided during the first day of the conference and will also feature in the first
"DRM Hotspot 1" session scheduled for Friday 17th at 1100.

The second "DRM Hotspot 2" session will be on the same day at 1500. It will honour the great efforts of one of the Indian experts leading a DRM publicity campaign aimed at the thriving Indian automotive industry; exemplified at the DRM booth will be Mobis-Hyundai and its car receiver solution.

Inntot Technologies, an award-winning Indian receiver manufacturer, invites you to Booth 28 to see its high performing and less CPU consuming standalone DRM receiver solution in FM band, as well as its DRM in FM band solution in mobile phones. Inntot's DRM receiver solution in AM band, already deployed in India, is easily upgradable for DRM reception in the FM band. 

The Starwaves receiver manufacturer is going to launch its brand-new digital tuner module Warp-3 which can be supplied with or without Wifi/Bluetooth chipset and can make the received DRM content available through its built-in Wifi hotspot. Starwaves will also show its new desktop receiver W2401.

Another receiver manufacturer, Gospell Technologies, will display its pocket size receivers, alongside other existing desktop and car aftermarket models, which have already been favourably reviewed by users worldwide. 

For the DRM Consortium Chairman, Ruxandra Obreja, BES is the first opportunity to return, after three years, to India "with new receiver solutions, answers for the energy and spectrum savings required today, and with a clear vision for the future of DRM in India, where this standard is already rolled out. Logically, the DRM standard should be expanded immediately to include the FM band in India. The focus at BES on DRM receivers in all bands will be evident. It will be also underlined by the cooperation between some of our members, like CML Microcircuits and Fraunhofer IIS, to deliver very soon digital radio enjoyment through mobiles. We hope the visitors will appreciate the great progress made by the DRM Consortium members in the last three years and will want to join it in its effort to help create a digital India for all."

About DRM
Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) is the universal, openly standardised digital radio system for all broadcasting frequencies and coverage needs.
DRM on short, medium and long wave up to 30 MHz provides for the efficient coverage in large areas with at least FM quality, while significantly reducing power consumption. DRM in the FM & VHF bands above 30 MHz enables flexible local and regional broadcaster-controlled services, with up to 3 stereo audio programmes plus multimedia components in half the bandwidth of a single analogue FM signal.
Advanced radio functionality thanks to DRM comprises: More services based on the highly efficient audio codec MPEG xHE-AAC and free-to-air Journaline multi-lingual text information, detailed service signalling, service linking (including to analogue AM/FM services) and DRM EWF – Emergency Warning Functionality. Enhanced DRM features include native Unicode support, station logos via SPI, Slideshow images and traffic and travel information.
The DRM Consortium was awarded by ITU for its outstanding contribution to the Telecommunications sector over the past years and has signed the EBU Smart Radio Memorandum that promotes access to free to air radio on all devices. 

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