Friday, December 11, 2020

World Music Radio (WMR) on new frequency 15790 kHz

World Music Radio (WMR) has a new frequency in the 19 mb: 15790 kHz (Previously on 15805) On the air every Saturday and Sunday 0700-2000 UTC. Power is 200 W into a 3 element yagi (due South). 

Testing from today 11th Dec, 2020 (Friday) if everything works ok. I will probably leave the transmitter on all weekend - from now until 13th Dec, Sunday 2000 UTC. 

Reception reports are welcome to World Music Radio, PO Box 112, DK-8960 Randers SØ, Denmark (for a printed QSL-card, pennant and stickers - please enclose return postage 2 IRCs or 5 euro if you can) or via email to (for an eQSL). Please note that reception reports using remote receivers are not QSLed. I try to reply to all reports within 1-2 months. 

(Stig Hartvig Nielsen)

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