Friday, November 06, 2020

Avion releases firmware update for Avion AV-DR-1401 DRM receiver

Avion has released firmware update for Avion AV-DR-1401 DRM receiver, this firmware update resolves the issue of fc-9 in simulcast mode in Avion receivers.

Firmware update and documentation is available for download at this link :

DRM radio Software 1.8.4 

1. Receiver not getting locked at fc-9 while simulcast mode -> Now resolved. 
2. Manual gain & automatic gain both should be in receiver for any sort of weak signal- >will be resolved after point 1 . 

To upgrade the software please follow below steps:- 

1. Download & unzip the firmware version 1.8.4. 
2. Save the firmware in SD card & insert in the receiver. 
3. Go to settings by pressing SETTING/MENUkey on remote then go to FIRMWARE section by using up/down keys of remote. 
4. Press right key to navigate towards UPGRADE & PRESS OK . 
5. Receiver will start rebooting & upgrading with new firmware & do not interrupt by pressing any remote key/ button or switch ON/OFF 
6. Once upgrade is FINISH or 100% done then make the receiver go MAINS ON/OFF & receiver will restart automatically & hence new software already inside. 
7. To verify software fully inside go to FIRMWARE window & check the firmware version which must be 1.8.4 .

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