Thursday, December 04, 2014

Radio Pakistan installs modern digital 500 KW transmitter at Faqeerabad

Radio Pakistan has installed a modern digital 500 KW transmitter at Faqeerabad to multiply the outreach of its medium wave broadcasts on 585 KHz. The transmitter, along with renovation of studios at National Broadcasting House, has been installed with the technical and financial assistance of Japan.

The signing ceremony to hand over renovated studios and transmitter to PBC was held at National Broadcasting House Islamabad on Thursday. Director General PBC, Samina Parvez and Department Manager of Yachiyo Engineering, Kiyofusa Tanaka signed the documents. In her remarks on the occasion, Director General PBC thanked the Japanese government for helping PBC in strengthening its signal and modernizing its broadcasting system.

She said induction of new transmitter is another milestone reached by the PBC management in its endeavour to replace its obsolete and aging transmitters to cater its audience. The listeners in several parts of the country will enjoy radio programmes in clear voice. She said it is a matter of pride for PBC to have completed the project on time. Addressing the ceremony, Kiyofusa Tanaka said the completion of this project marks is yet another milestone in Pakistan-Japan relationship. He appreciated the effort put in by the staff of PBC for timely completion of this landmark project.

The objective of 'The project for rehabilitation of medium wave radio broadcasting network' executed with grant-aid of 'Japan International Cooperation Agency [JICA) was to rehabilitate dying medium wave service of Radio Pakistan Islamabad for effective coverage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA, Punjab and Gilgit-Balitstan. 

Under the project, 38 year old medium wave transmitter at Faqeerabad was replaced with a new 500 KW medium wave transmitter, based on latest digital technology. Besides, five Studios and master control room at National Broadcasting House were also digitized.

JICA provided grant-aid of 1,385 million Japanese Yen while Pakistan's government's share was 85.761 million rupees. M/s Yachiyo Engineering Company of Japan executed the project while M/s NEC Corporation, Japan supplied and installed equipments. On-job training was also given to the PBC engineers to effectively run the system.Programme in seven language, including Urdu, Punjabi, Potohari, Hindko, Pushto, Shina, and Balti will be aired on 585 KHz for listeners in 500 kilometer radius as compared with 70 kilometer radius in past. However, this transmission can be heard in a radius of up to 1,200 kilometers at night. Fourteen hours programmes will be aired from the transmitter on 585 KHz from tomorrow.

Samina Parvez Khalid
Director General
Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation

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