Thursday, May 29, 2014

Radio Australia asks for HELP !

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To Craig Seager,

Please take a few moments to write to the Managing Director of the ABC in support of the staff of Radio Australia, who are facing a 60% cut in funding, not by the  government directly, but by ABC management!   Mal Hewitt - President, Friends of the ABC NSW.

Message from Jemima Garrett, Pacific Economic and Business reporter, ABC Radio Australia
As a long term member of ABC staff I am writing to you now because of a new and urgent threat to Radio Australia.
As I am sure you know Radio Australia is a vital service in the Pacific Islands reporting on and covering issues that no other media outlet covers. It has huge audience ratings but is often forgotten in Australia because it is not heard here.
The cuts to Australia Network are now set to affect Radio Australia as well.
In tough time radio is an inexpensive and effective way of maintaining our expertise so that we are ready to rise like a phoenix when the political environment improves.
It is also able to report on more issues, in more depth and more quickly than TV and therefore is an important source for and method of keeping ouor online offering as rich and varied as possible.

Please send you views to
Managing Director,
Director of News,
Director of International,
Head of ABC News Content,
Editor ABC Asia Pacific News Centre
and staff elected Director Matt Peacock

ABC management is looking at how to cope with the budget cuts resulting from the cancellation of the Australia Network contract.

This doesn't just affect Australia Network but may result in substantial cuts to Radio Australia as the ABC tries to use some of the money it still has for radio to keep some TV programs, contracts in Asia, the mobile and online services connected with Australia Network going too.

The scale of the cut is huge - 60 per cent of our budget has been lost ($21 of $35 million a year). This is for broadcasts to a geographic area ranging French Polynesia in the east to India in the west and FSM and China in the north.
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