Friday, November 30, 2012

North Korea to resume anti-South propaganda broadcasts

N. Korea to Resume Airing Anti-South Korean Programs in Dec

The North's anti-South Korea propaganda Web site said it plans to air a program titled "Echoes of Unification" three times a day starting on December first.

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Sei-ichi Hasegawa via DXLD list ...

Acc. to Jajuminbo net. web (Korean)
"Echo of Unification" from Dec.1
2200-2400UT 648, 1080, 3970, 6250kHz and 97.8MHz FM
1200-1400 de Hiroshi
Receive on 6250,1080 and 684kHz, but cannot confirm 3970kHz on Nov.30
(S.Hasegawa via DXLD list)

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