Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dx-Antwerp 30th Anniversary special broadcast

DX-Antwerp (the only Belgian DX-club) celebrates its 30th anniversary on May 12th, we are airing short-wave broadcast as follows :


0430-0530 17880 Issoudun F AM India

0800-0900 9680 Issoudun F AM Western-Europe

1200-1300 6015 Issoudun F DRM Western-Europe

1400-1500 17880 Montsinery GUF AM North America East

1530-1630 15775 Issoudun F DRM India

1700-1800 21680 Montsinery GUF AM North America West

2000-2100 17755 Montsinery GUF DRM North America

A special QSL card was designed for this occasion. Send a report by ordinary mail to DXA QSL c/o TDP Radio, PO Box 1, B-2310 Rijkevorsel, Belgium or e-mail to

Please spread this news in your area.

Guido Schotmans via dx_india fb group

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