Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AFRS India-Burma Memories Honored

US Armed Forces Radio 70th Anniversary 1941-2011
Six New Features Released India-Burma WWII

The Radio Heritage Foundation releases six new features celebrating AFRS radio stations in India and Burma during the 1940's at its global website www.radioheritage.com

2011 is the 70th anniversary of American Armed Forces Radio broadcasts, and the six new features look at AFRS radio in a part of the world that few people today know once had these temporary radio stations.

AFRS India-Burma looks at the network of 16 stations set up in what are now India, Pakistan, Burma and Sri Lanka to entertain and inform US forces during WWII and the campaigns to both protect India and help the Chinese war effort.

AFRS The Ledo Road visits the network of AFRS stations along the famous Ledo Road built to bring supplies by road from Northern India to China via Burma. This feature was written as the stations were closing down.

AFRS WOTO Bhamo is a contemporary look at the 'Wings Over The Orient' radio station in northern Burma, one of the stations along The Ledo Road. This is a fascinating visit inside the operations of one of the most isolated AFRS stations in the region.

AFRS VU2ZP Bangalore introduces the personnel and programs that made this local AFRS station one of the most popular in India during its short time on the air. Rare photos from the private collection of one of the original VU2ZP broadcasters bring extra meaning to the written words.

AFRS VU2ZP Signs-Off is a retrospective of the Bangalore station, including its sleepless monitoring that helped it be the first station in India to report the end of the war in Europe. Again, rare photos of staff and VU2ZP studios make this a special feature.

AFRS VU2ZS Misamari is another contemporary indepth look at the people and programs of the small AFRS station at Misamari.

These six new items are in addition to the introductory feature AFRS China-Burma-India already at www.radioheritage.com. This also covers stations in China and remains the only comprehensive listing of the stations involved.

The features have been made possible by CBI veterans and their families preserving a variety of original resources such as magazines and photos and we encourage support for their projects. We're pleased to help bring them to a broader audience.

Many other AFRS radio features at www.radioheritage.com include rare photos and personal memories and stories from the past 70 years of AFRS operations.

The Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit organization connecting popular culture, nostalgia and radio heritage at its global website www.radioheritage.com.

Sponsors now get a free World Radio TV Handbook 2012 shipped worldwide for their support of this international project. You can also choose your personal favorite feature to sponsor - included in your sponsorship - for even greater public acknowledgement. Full details are at www.radioheritage.com.

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation
October 18 2011

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