Thursday, March 17, 2011

Radio Nikkei-1 relaying Radio Fukushima JOWR 1458

Radio Nikkei-1 (3925, 6055, 9595kHz) is relaying earthquake disaster information program of Radio Fukushima JOWR 1458kHz from Mar,15 to Mar31. "From rfc Radio Fukushima-Try hard Fukushima, Try hard Touhoku, Try hard Japan (rfc Radio Fukushima hatu-Ganbarou Fukushima, Ganbarou Touhoku, Ganbarou Nippon)"

Mar.15 0605-0700, 1000-1110,
Mar.16 0605-0700, 1005-1055,
Mar.17 0930-1055,
Mar.18 0605-0700, 1045-1130,
Mar.19 0930-1030,
Mar.20 1035-1130,
After Mar.21 is not yet decided.

(Sei-ichi Hasegawa via dxld list)

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