Sunday, May 09, 2010

Voice of Russia on the Crest of a Radio Wave

The world will tune in to the Voice of Russia even in a 100 years from now, the Chairman of the Voice of Russia radio broadcasting company Andrei Bystritsky is absolutely certain on that score.

As we can see today, multi-media technologies have already brought radio broadcasting into a new orbit, which has made it possible to broaden the borders and to draw the continents closer. Thanks to the Internet and digital technologies, the audiences in many countries can not only listen to our programmes and see video clips, but also have a good chance to carry out a permanent dialogue with the Voice of Russia radio, Andrei Bystritsky said in an interview on the occasion of Radio Day, which is marked in Russia on May 7th.

A 21st -century person is a very busy person. People have less spare time today, and each minute is worth its weight in gold. That is why radio remains the only source of information for many, as actually everybody can listen to the radio, whatever the situation, Andrei Bystritsky says.

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