Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Radio Free Sarawak goes on air

Radio Free Sarawak, aimed as an alternative voice for Sarawakians, went on air on 15th Nov 2010.

The transmission details of Radio Free Sarawak are as follows:

1st transmission: 0630-0730 local time (2230-2330 GMT) on 7590 kHz (short wave)
2nd transmission: 1800-1900 local time (1000-1100 GMT) on 15680 kHz (short wave)

Here's the Radio Free Sarawak website

Radio Free Sarawak as received from *2232UT on Nov.15 by many Japanese DXer on 7590kHz.
( by Japnese dxer Hiro in Akita )

It was confirmed in Nov.14 at *2230 by Japanese dxer Hiroshi.
in Japanese.

Thanks to Japanese dxers Hiroshi & Sei-ichi Hasegwa for tracking down this station.

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