Sunday, October 05, 2008

Radio: A friend in need, a friend indeed

Ashok Kumar Panigrahi
Radio can rightly be called as a friend in need, a friend indeed. Once again, it proved that even amidst the glare of hundreds of TV channels and glossy magazines, it remains the trusted well wisher of the common folks during the floods in Bihar.
AMJAD KHAN, not the dreaded Gabbar of Sholay, but an eight year old boy in new shirt given in the camp. He is gazing at the faces, on the platforms of Bathnaha railway station, that has been turned into a mega relief camp for the flood affected people of Bihar. His eyes dried in search of his abba (father) and two aapas (elder sisters) who have been swept away by the cruel Kosi. Embracing a branch of tree for five days and fighting for life without any food and drinking water, he was rescued by army personnel and brought to the relief camp of Batnaha. It took ten minutes for the All India Radio (AIR) team to make this boy speak and then, he spoke live on radio through their mobile phone. His voice choked with emotions and fear "abba, ahan kahan chee? I am alone here. Please come and take me back." Hundreds of eyes surrounding him in the camp were flooded with tears. Anil Tiwari of AIR Purnea, who was accompanying the team could rediscover the power of his small local radio station to reach to the hearts of the people.
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