Monday, December 24, 2007

New FM Stations in Thrissur,Kerala

New FM Stations in my Town

My town Thrissur is the Cultural capital of Southernmost
Indian state Kerala. We had only one AIR medium wave
station in the district "AIR Thrissur" broadcasting
on 630 kHz medium wave. Due to the Government's new
policy of allowing private broadcasting on FM bands
several media groups got licenses for operating on
the FM band. Reception on FM band used to be poor
and rarely we used to hear more than a couple of
stations. The AIR owned commercial FM stations FM
Rainbow (formerly Vivid Bharati) in neighbouring
district Kochi 107.5, Kozhikode 103.6 and Coiambatore
103 used to provide occasional enjoyment. Further
few other AIR FM stations used to broadcast their
usual broadcasts.
On Dec 14 two new private stations inaugurated their
broadcasts in Thrissur. Radio Mango 91.9 with RDS
stereo and Club FM 94.3 Stereo owned by two leading
newspaper group(Manorama and Mathrubhoomi group Inc.)
in Kerala.Their news papers covered daily colourful
articles on activates and trends of FM broadcasting.
Five vehicles of each group started circling through
various parts of district offering prizes and interviews.
All these were the part of their advertisements and
popularity and it clicked. A new FM station "Best FM"
owned by Asianet India group a leading Malayalam channel
and having private MW and FM stations in Middle East
also started test broadcasts.
The FM broadcasts created enthusiasm among youth and
the old.The selling of FM radios reached its peak.
Radio repairing shops became active after many years.
Mobile phones with FM radio became a new trend and a
purchaser of mobile now search for such sets! Talent
hunts are conducted in College campus for Radio
Jockeys and offer better remuneration. Now music can
be heard from visiting rooms and Kitchens in Thrissur!
The new FM stations offer music programmes and rarely
have discussion or knowledge shows which can be heard
on AIR stations. But the youth look for music which is
offered by the FM in best sound quality.The arrival of
private FM is the rebirth of radio on whatever the band
may be. At least radio lovers can relax, the medium is
active now again. On Scanning the FM bans I caught more
than 15 stations yesterday an increase of many fold
compared with the past and I believe it is not so far
that the FM band crowded with plenty of programmes
and channels.

Kerala, India

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